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Elephant Kind - Bio

Every band has global ambition, but few lack the desire to move 7000 miles across the world to realise it. Summer 2022 saw Elephant Kind move from Indonesia to London to explore the next chapter as a band, starting a new era on the other side of the globe. "This is the dream of every Indonesian artist, probably most artists in the world, like everyone that we love moved

to London at some point and writing here, it means a lot to us." says Bam Mastro, frontman and founder of the group.


Elephant Kind was formed in Mastro's bedroom in Perth, Australia over a decade ago, acting as an outlet to express himself creatively, a purely introspective project that was more for himself than anyone else before moving to Indonesia. Now in 2022, the band is a three piece with four projects to their name, hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners across the globe and a firmly cemented place as one of Indonesia's most beloved alternative outfits. Their fresh take on alternative indie has earned them critical recognition and acclaim both at home and globally, constantly building year on year as their worldwide ambition comes into fruition. In Indonesia, the band have won big at awards ceremonies including The Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Awards and amassed a wealth of nominations at The AMI’s and The Indonesia’s Choice Awards. Their success at home also saw some of the most culturally impactful brands approach the band for collaborations, working with the likes of Gucci, Dior, Vans and Dr. Martens to name a few.


After a revolving cast of members, Kevin Septanto and Bayu Adisapoetra now make up a trio with Mastro, working together to create [1] [2] [3] [4] the genre-straddling Elephant Kind sound, bringing together a multitude of inspirations and styles to craft something remarkably unique. With this new dynamic comes a new writing style, with a full band involvement rather than simply a solo entity. The band's forthcoming project is undoubtedly the start of a new era, taking on board a fresh creative process to create arguably their most forward thinking work to date.


"This is the first record where I let go of a lot of my ego, I suppose" says Mastro, "And I just kind of let everyone join with ideas this time. That was difficult at first as it's hard listening to other people, but Bayu and Kevin came in with new, exciting things, and it was refreshing just knowing that you're not as powerful as you think you are on your own".


Opening up a new chapter for Elephant Kind, their new music builds upon the foundations laid by the band over the last decade to become a global statement of intent, something that showcases their international ambition without diluting where they have come from.

Although Indonesia is rife with talent, few bands 'make it' internationally, a fact which makes this moment in time so exciting for Elephant Kind. "When we were younger we never saw an Indonesian band have international success, so the dream has always been there for us to break that mould" says Adisapoetra.


"I think the best part of being successful in Indonesia is that by nature, you're able to sustain a career longer than everywhere else in the world. If you make it there, they're gonna love you for a very long time, you're not just gonna be a one hit wonder, and then nobody knows who you are the next day."

When it comes to live, the next year will see Elephant Kind introduced to a totally new audience, with a whole new country of fans to engage with. Back home, the band play to crowds of over 10,000 at Indonesia’s biggest festivals like We The Fest, Soundrenaline and Synchronize.

As one of the country’s definitive alternative outfits they’re also a go-to support for huge international talent, touring with the likes of The XX and Franz Ferdinand. This huge presence in Southeast Asia is now starting to translate even more so globally with the band’s move to the UK, something that ignites a fire in Elephant Kind and what will make the next 12 months so exciting.



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